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A Unified Approach to Agility

With the increasing interest in Agile techniques such as Scrum and XP, I often come across clients and project managers assuming that these approaches alone are sufficient to ensure the success of their projects.  In actuality, the Agile Principles are really a value system that help contribute to effective behaviors on a project.  None of the agile techniques recommend dispensing with the well defined practices that govern effective project implementations such as risk, scope and change management (amongst others).  In fact most of the Agile techniques found in current literature are intended to work within existing frameworks and metamodels, without which your projects won’t succeed.

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Accelerating Enterprise Agile Adoption

As organizations embark on increasing their agile effectiveness understanding the agile maturity of your organizations becomes critical for scaling agile adoption.  This presentation and associated reference material provides a framework to track agile maturity and provides role playing scenarios to determine were your team members are on their agile journey.  This presentation was part of the Agile 2011 Conference, Houston Tech Fest and the Agile Alliance Summit.

Agile Projects, Programs and Portfolios

Increasingly agile projects are required to scale up as their techniques are extended across organizations.

How do we ensure that the many benefits of agile project delivery aren’t overwhelmed by corporate governance and large scale program delivery? By the same token how can agile projects be managed in a way to keep other key groups such as Finance and the PMO satisfied. Agile practices can scale effectively across the Programs and Portfolios of even the largest organizations.

Using a variety of techniques such as Scrum of Scrum and scalable program frameworks for delivering project value, you’ll learn how to keep your projects agile while providing the controls and visibility required by senior executives

Presented at the 2010 Houston PMI Conference.